Guidelines for Authors

1. Structure of abstract & amp; Instructions for authors for abstract submission
2. Theme Selection: Selection of a major theme from the disciplines
3. Title: All uppercase
4. Presentation type: Oral/Poster
5. Names of the authors: Full name with superscript numbers for affiliations. Each author is separated by using (,) comma
6. Presenting Author: Marked by *
7. Affiliations of all authors: Department, Institution, City, and Country
8. Contact Information (Optional): Complete contact information for the corresponding author (postal address and email address)
9. Abstract: A structured abstract with the following headings-

a) Background,
b) Purpose or Objective,
c) Methods,
d) Results, and
e) Conclusion or Discussion

10. When applicable, include the weaknesses or limitations of the study as well
11. Word count: 350 or based on abstract type
12. Page layout: One-inch margins top, bottom, and sides; single spaced; Times New Roman font; 12-point font
13. Key Words: 5 – 8 key words
Guideline for oral/poster presentations
Please include poster size, attachment system for poster presentation and time schedule for oral presentation